Still In the Bassmint (partially found Soul Intent album; 1992)

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The insert of the Still In the Bassmint cassette tape.

Status: Partially Found

Bassmint Productions, later renamed Soul Intent circa 1992, was an American rap group consisting of Chaos Kid (later Snafu), M&M (later Eminem), Maximum (later Proof), Vitamin C, Caucasian Pimp, MC Howard Funk, Delirious D, V-Top, DJ Buttafingaz, DJ Stezo, and producer Manix.[1] Through 1989 to 1995, the group released numerous EPs, with their covers photocopied and only a handful of copies made (although only 3 tapes are confirmed to be official).[2] Many of the groups' songs are considered lost.


The contents of the EP were lost until the summer of 2009, when on MySpace, Chaos Kid released tracks 1 and 2 of the A side ("Soul Side"), Unrealistically Graphic and The Day It Dawned, and track 1 of the B side ("Intent side"), Conceptual Corrections, as well as a scan of the cassette tape's insert. It is unknown why he didn't release the remaining tracks (One-Handed Juggler and Soul Intent).

A song was leaked that is often credited as One-Handed Juggler, however the song quotes both "one-handed juggler" and "crackers and cheese", and in Eminem's autobiography, The Way I Am, he writes "Mark Bass heard our song called 'Crackers and Cheese' on the radio", so it is unknown which song was leaked, or if they're different songs at all.

The final track of the EP, Soul Intent, was performed live at Center Line High School in 1992 and remains the only recording of the song. Although the lyrics are difficult to make out, Thanks to a public letter released by Chaos Kid, the lyrics to the hook and part of the last verse of Soul Intent were revealed:

"What's your Intent? I'm analyzing every cut your in to judge your intent. I wanna know where you stand, I mean, as far as who you are. How would you act if you woke up and tomorrow, you're a star?" "The rapper that's real is the one that stuck to his roots. Because they got a hold of him so much, they stuck to his boots, and the only way to tell if he's really real is wait until he's made a mil, and then you ask him if he still, and if he's real then still he will."


The song often referred to as One-Handed Juggler.

The live performance of Soul Intent.


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