Stone Sour (found demo tape from American rock band; 1993)

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The only known image of the tape

Status: Found

Date found: 02 Jan 2020

Found by: Anonymous

In 1992, Corey Taylor (who would later become known as the lead singer of Slipknot), formed a band with drummer Joel Ekman called Stone Sour. The band performed for five years, before disbanding as Taylor left to join Slipknot in 1997. During these five years, the band recorded three demos, one of which, recorded in 1993, remains unreleased to the public to this day, even after the band's reformation in 2000 and subsequent rise to fame.

Only three tracks, Dead Man's Glare, Surgery, and I Can't Believe, have been made available by YouTube user Ivan Contreras, who claims to own a copy of the 1993 demo tape and promises to upload the rest of its contents "someday".


  1. "Dead Man's Glare"
  2. "Surgery"
  3. "Voices Again"
  4. "Sometimes"
  5. "Turn Your Head"
  6. "I Can't Believe"
  7. "Funky Milk"
  8. "By Your Side"
  9. "Spontaneous Combustion"

Note: While some of these songs ("Surgery", "Voices Again", "Sometimes", "I Can't Believe" and "Funky Milk") are also featured on the 1994 demo, it's assumed that these are completely different recordings and might have slight differences in instrumentation, lyrics, and production.

A demo tape was quietly and anonymously uploaded to Google Drive on January 2nd, 2020 and went unnoticed until October 12th, 2023 and March 26th, 2024 where TheCorvinMan and InfrarainCH2 brought it to light rendering the tape 100% found.


The full tape.

Dead Man's Glare.

I Can't Believe.


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