Stone Temple Pilots live at Rolling Rock Town Fair 2001 (partially lost concert footage; 2001)

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Stone Temple Pilots Town Fair.jpg

A picture of the band performing at the Rolling Rock Town Fair in 2001.

Status: Partially Lost

Stone Temple Pilots is an American rock band that performed at the 2001 edition of the Rolling Rock Town Fair in Latrobe, Pennsylvania. The band's performance was filmed and even released as a pay-per-view event.[1] This show was also notable for featuring rare performances of the band's songs "Long Way Home" and "Days of the Week," both of which have not been performed live by the band since 2001. Despite this, however, several songs from the bands set have never shown up in any capacity, online or otherwise.

Missing Songs

Being that the show was pro-shot and released to pay-per-view, most of the show has surfaced online. However, the songs "Meatplow," "Piece of Pie," along with "Dead and Bloated," have never surfaced online.[2] It is also noteworthy that the surviving video for the song "Down" is noticeably lower quality than the rest of the show, both in audio and video. Also of note is that only the audio and a few small video portions of "Sex Type Thing" are available.

There have been rumors of there being a bootleg CD with the entire show, but these alleged bootlegs have never surfaced online if they even exist at all.

On August 28, 2020, YouTube user Michael Zinn uploaded a video to his channel which is a compilation of recordings he did of the performance. The recordings included never before seen performances of Meatplow and Piece Of Pie. Unfortunately, Dead and Bloated was not one of the recordings.

On October 25, 2020, it was discovered that a website called has a copy of the performance running at 120 minutes. The side by side video made by YouTube user Stone Temple Pilots Legacy runs for 75 minutes, meaning the 120 minute copy of the performance owned by could be the full set.[3] However a September 2019 archive of the page has the performance crossed out.[4]

Full Setlist

The full setlist from this concert is as follows:

# Song Title Status
1 Coma Found
2 Vasoline Found
3 Meatplow Partially Found
4 Big Empty Found
5 Piece of Pie Partially Found
6 Sour Girl Found
7 Creep Found
8 Days of the Week Found
9 Trippin' on a Hole in a Paper Heart Found
10 Long way Home Found
11 Hollywood Bitch Found
12 Interstate Love Song Found
13 Plush Found
14 Down Found
15 Dead and Bloated Lost
16 Sex Type Thing Found


The Pay-Per-View Performance.

Zinn's fan recordings that includes Meatplow and Piece Of Pie.

The side by side video with the fan recordings.