Sukiya (lost build of cancelled PC point-and-click adventure game; 1990-2001)

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One of the original preview screenshots.

Status: Lost

Sukiya was originally developed as a point-and-click adventure game set in Japan, developed by Lankhor. The main designer, Jérôme Lange, also authored point-and-click adventures Mortville Manor and Maupiti Island, with Sukiya intended to be a sequel.


The game was announced as early as 1990 with preview screenshots that were considered impressive for the time. Unfortunately, poor sales on Lankhor's Black Sect in 1993 put a halt on the development on Sukiya, where he probably saw it as a sign to stop making adventure games.

Development resumed in the early 2000s, this time attempting to make the game 3D. However, the Lankhor studio got shut down in late 2001, cancelling Sukiya for good.


The Lankhor website shows development art, sprites and screenshots, but the game itself has never been released in any way. It's unknown exactly how much of the game was developed.[1]


Video (in French) about the game's development history.

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