SuperMarioLogan - unreleased videos (partially found scrapped YouTube videos; various dates)

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The channel's logo.

Status: Partially Found

SuperMarioLogan (SML) is a YouTube channel created by Logan Thirtyacre centered on Mario plush videos. Several of the channel's videos were scrapped before release; most likely because he found them undesirable. None of these videos have been released, with only a few screenshots being available.

List of Unreleased Videos

Production still from Chef Pee Pee goes to New York.
  • SML movie: Chef Pee Pee goes to New York

Plot: Chef Pee Pee sneaks off to New York to get a break from Bowser and Bowser Junior. Once he gets there, he eventually runs into someone who recognizes him. If Chef Pee Pee loses a race to this person, they will call Bowser. Chef Pee Pee wins, but the man secretly calls Bowser anyway. Once Chef Pee Pee returns home, he is met by Bowser, who is prepared to give him the beating of a lifetime.

  • SML movie: Bowser Junior's Allergic To Water

Plot: The plot is unknown but It's most likely Bowser Junior finding out that he's allergic to water.

  • SML movie: Bowser's Addiction

Plot: Bowser gets addicted to making vines.

  • SML movie: Bowser Junior's Cellphone 2

Plot: Bowser Junior and Toad prank call more characters.

  • Unnamed Toad Rap Music Video.

Plot: Toad has a new music video coming out featuring Lil Wayne and Candy! Do you want to see the rest?

  • SML movie: Bowser Junior's Puppy!

Plot: Bowser Junior gets a puppy, but the dog can talk and starts annoying everyone in the main SML cast.

  • Chef Pee Pee's Inheritance

Plot: Unknown, though it could've been similar to Chef Pee Pee's lottery ticket.


The Toad rap "Shake it Up".
Bowser Junior's Allergic to Water short.

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