Super Pig (partially found Saban English dub of anime series; 1997)

Super Pig (Saban English dub)
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Title card.
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In 1997[1], Saban Entertainment, the company behind hit Japanese-based children's shows such as Power Rangers and Digimon, dubbed the magical girl parody anime Pig Girl of Love and Courage: Tonde Burin (愛と勇気のピッグガール とんでぶーりん Ai to Yūki no Piggu Gāru: Tonde Būrin) into Super Pig.

Despite being dubbed by an American company, the English dub is only known to have managed to air overseas in Australia, New Zealand (on TV2[2]) and the United Kingdom, where it aired on Fox Kids for just two days. Like most English localized Anime, Saban's adaptation was used as the basis for a few other international dubs of Tonde Burin, including the Latin American dub that is known to have aired in South America. Some episodes of "Super Cerdita" (the Spanish dub of the show) have been uploaded on YouTube. From 1998 to 1999 the Saban dub aired in the Netherlands on Fox Kids with Dutch subtitles, from 2003 to 2004 a Dutch dub based on the Saban dub also aired on Fox Kids. In Poland a Polish dub based on the Saban dub aired on Fox Kids and TVN.

A few episodes with a Russian voice-over over the English dub track were uploaded to YouTube, but a track featuring only the English audio has yet to be found. Dutch and Polish episodes can be found on the internet and YouTube.

An episode list of the Saban dub with English, Dutch and Polish titles can be found on Wikipedia.



  • Clive H. Mizumoto - Executive in charge of post production
  • Rita M. Acosta - Producer & Story Editor
  • Eric S. Rollman - Executive Producer
  • Gregory C. Irelano - Production Manager
  • Xavier Carcia - Sound Operations Manager
  • Mark Ettel - Re-recording mixer
  • Stephen Apostolina - Script Adaptation
  • Robert Axelrod - Script Adaptation
  • Tifanie Christun - Music Assistant
  • Marc Handler - Voice Director, Script Adaptation
  • Wendee Lee - Voice Director, Script Adaptation
  • Kevin Newson - Voice Director, Script Adaptation
  • Michael Sorich - Script Adaptation
  • Keith Dickens - Sound Effects editors
  • Martin Flores - Sound Effects editors
  • Zoli Osaze - Sound Effects editors
  • Ron Salaises - Sound Effects editors
  • John Valentino - Sound Effects editors
  • David W. Barr - ADR Recordists
  • Kevin Newson - ADR Recordists
  • Susan K. Lewis - Foley Artists
  • Kalea L. Morton - Foley Artists
  • Brian Densmore - Audio Assistant
  • John Garcia - Audio Assistant
  • Greg Guzzetta - Audio Assistant
  • Andrew Kines - Audio Assistant
  • Shuki Levy - Music
  • Kussa Mahchi - Music
  • Ron Kenan - Executive in charge of music
  • Lloyd Michael Cook II - Music Supervisor
  • David Waters - Music produced and arranged
  • Jeremy Sweet - Music produced and arranged, Music assistant
  • Bill Filieiak - Music Editor
  • Jimmy Dijuclio - Second Engineers
  • Tim Gosselin - Second Engineers
  • Tifanie Christun - Music Assistant
  • John Sperger - Music Assistant
  • Terry Marlin - Offline Editor
  • John Walts - Offline Editor
  • Jerry Buettner - Post Prodcution Supervisor
  • Mark Atkinson - Technical Advisor
  • Dan Laborico - Post Production Manager
  • Rob Philipp - Post Production Coordinator
  • Editel Modern Videofilm - Offline Facilities
  • Dana C. Booton - Executive in charge of Production at Saban



  • Richard Cansino - Lance Romero
  • Anna Garduno - Harley Hoover
  • R. Martin Klein - Theodorix Pig
  • Wendee Lee - Penny Round
  • Julie Maddalena - Super Pig/Kassie Carlen
  • Bob Papenbrook - Fowley Fastback
  • Derek Stephen Prince - Iggy Piggy
  • Tom Romero - Radford Tammack
  • Caryn Rosenthal - Prudence Plumm
  • Michael Sorich - Ken Carlen
  • Laura Summer - Heather Hogwarsh
  • Kirk Thornton - Milton Massen


The intro to the Saban version of Super Pig.
Credits/ending to the Saban version of Super Pig.


  1. credits of the show
  3. credits of the show
  4. credits of the show





21 months ago
Score 0
I think the anime is missing in general, i can't even find the japanese version past episode 5 unless im looking wrong.

Anonymous user #2

17 months ago
Score 0
All episodes exist of the Chinese Mandarin Dub.

Anonymous user #1

17 months ago
Score 0
Wait, it aired on TV in the UK for just two days? Huh. Guess I got lucky because I do remember watching this.

Anonymous user #2

17 months ago
Score 0
All episodes 51 episodes of the Chinese Mandarin & Cantonese Dub are uploaded on a few Chinese Websites, I downloaded a bunch.

Anonymous user #2

17 months ago
Score 0
It's called "飞天小女猪" Add "国语"for Mandarin or "粤语"for Cantonese :)

Anonymous user #3

14 months ago
Score 1
I think it aired in Mexico, since Central America got Mexican Fox Kids and this show was on it.


2 months ago
Score 0
It aired all over America, anon, not just South America as entry says. In fact it was very popular back then. They aired it along with Zenki.


2 months ago
Score 0

I found an anime fan known as Tyrozaphy who says he recorded all of the episodes of Super Pig in both English and Dutch (scroll down to #6 and past the second image and you'll see): http://amino...f-lost-media

I sent him a message on his YouTube channel so hopefully he responds... If I get the episodes I'll post them.

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