Super Titan 15 (found Korean animated film; 1983)

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Super titan 15.jpg

Korean DVD cover.

Status: Found

Date found: 15 Dec 2013

Found by: 왕만화

Super Titan 15, also known as Wonder of Frontier is a Korean animated film written and directed by Seung-Cheol Park released in 1983.

It is strongly known as a knock-off of the anime Armored Fleet Dairugger XV (Best known in the US as Vehicle Force Voltron) since it shares a similarly designed robot. It also cribs characters and vehicles from Galaxy Express 999.

As of May 26th, 2017, no footage of the film was known to be uploaded on the internet and Korean DVDs to the film are extremely rare to find. Only screenshots of the film were available online.[1] Until the film was eventually discovered on Youtube.


Note: Translation may not be accurate

Super Titan 7, the space scientists mingyeongcheol Dr. Tan call the universe is lost in attacks by the red army. This news should an emergency landing on a planet you do not know any names involved in a cosmic vortex gangbaksa the Taihu Lake riding to the rescue, only to leave 15 Super Titan. Persistently chasing Red Stars populations. What is it they really want? During its 15 Super Titan it is going to obtain the kingdom of Macedonia carboxylic oppressed to realize the universe space pirates haejugo peace. Fleeting combat robot Invincible Super Titan 15! 15 Super Titan is the only place to go is always victorious.[2]


The entire film.


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