Switchfoot (lost recordings of unreleased albums from rock band; 2000s-2010s)

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A photo of the band.

Status: Lost

In 2008, American alternative rock band Switchfoot announced to their Fanclub via email that four albums worth of material had been worked on and were intended to be released over the next two years.[1] The first of these albums, Hello Hurricane, was released in 2009.[2][3] The album got the band some of the strongest critical reception and sales since their 2003 breakthrough, The Beautiful Letdown.[4]

The band decided to let critics listen to some preview copies of some of the tracks. Critics praised it, giving the albums reviews indicative of legendary status. Two years passed and none of the material emerged despite fan demand. Unable to find a distributor for the material, the band was left to re-record music for the second album titled Vice Verses. While the band felt proud of the effort, the results are considered some of their weakest material.


While Hello Hurricane was released as planned, it is unclear entirely why the band abandoned the rest of the work. It is unknown if the band has future plans to release the material, or if distributors will release such "artistic" content. Many fans have argued the material may not even exist and that the announcement may have been a publicity stunt.


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