Sylvan (partially found English dub of Spanish animated series; 1990s)

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Status: Partially Found

Sylvan is a cartoon series created by Antoni d'Ocon, produced by D'Ocon Films, and co-produced by La Forta in 1989.[1] It premiered on September 12, 1995, on TV3 and was subsequently rebroadcast several times on the Super3 channel.[2] It ended on June 23, 1996, with 91 episodes.


The series is set in the Middle Ages, in the kingdom of King Charles, when everything was magic and sorcery. Sylvan, a man of the forest, is a young knight who, one day, the magician Linmer finds badly wounded in the enchanted forest and is chosen to fight the forces of evil and become a hero, will fight firmly to guarantee justice and freedom.

Each episode is self-concluding and features the adventures of Sylvan, Princess Diana, and the wizard Linmer in the fight against evil. The characters were anthropomorphic animals.


An English dub was produced in the 1990s, but very little footage or info about it is found aside from its intro.


The English intro.


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