TMMCfilms (partially lost YouTube channel; 2013-2021)

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The Magic of Movie Creation's logo.

Status: Partially Lost

The Magic of Movie Creation was a danish film and animation group, known for running TMMCfilms, a YouTube channel, created in March 10th, 2012, that the group used to upload their projects. They were most well-known for a webseries called Flottefyr, and an animated Dreamworks logo parody called Dreamworks intro remake med flottefyr. The channel, along with its content, was deleted by its own owner in June 2021.


The Magic of Movie Creation was founded by Niels Gajhede in October 2011 to produce short films. At that time, it boasted a production team of 30 people. One of their first productions was a seemingly lost danish horror short film codenamed "Silent Hill"[1], produced by Niels Gajhede and Jonas Ladefoged Holm, that most likely premiered either at a local cinema or on their YouTube channel. After that, they started producing Flottefyr.

Flottefyr (partially lost animated series; 2012-2013)

Flottefyr is a now-lost danish adult animated webseries created by TMMC. It ran from December 24th, 2012 to March 9th, 2013, for 5 episodes and 2 miscellaneous shorts[2], and had around 330k collective views before deletion.


In May 23rd, 2023, after a long search, users DollarDiffusion and Mak1nBacon have found the animated TMMC logo, although without sound, through Yandex Videos, and uploaded their findings to the Internet Archive.


# Video Title Air Date Status
1 Kildeskovens hemmelighed 29 Oct, 2012 Lost
2 Bathroom Unconfirmed Lost
3 Flottefyr Spørgehjørne #1 Unconfirmed Lost
4 Flottefyr episode # 1 Flottefyr scorer Mascha Vang 24 Dec, 2012 Lost
5 TMMC logo 25 Dec, 2012 Partially found
6 Flottefyr episode # 2 Flottefyr møder dovne Robert 01 Jan, 2013 Lost
7 Flottefyr episode # 3 Første dag i haveservice Unconfirmed Lost
8 Dreamworks intro remake med flottefyr 12 Jan, 2013 Partially found
9 Flottefyr episode # 4 Superskurken Jens! 16 Jan, 2013 Lost
10 Flottefyr episode # 5 Flottefyr dater dværg! 27 Feb, 2013 Lost
11 Nordisk Film intro remake med flottefyr 09 Mar, 2013 Lost
12 Basement Unconfirmed Lost