Tales of Mystery (lost ITV horror anthology; 1961-1963)

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An advertisement for the show from a TV guide.

Status: Lost

Tales of Mystery was a British supernatural television drama anthology series based on the short stories of Algernon Blackwood. The show was hosted by actor John Laurie (best known for his role as Private Frazer in the BBC sitcom Dad's Army (1968–1977), who portrayed author Algernon Blackwood himself. The show was produced by Peter Graham Scott (who also directed several episodes) and ran for a half-hour time slot.

Information and Availability

Despite the popularity of the show's source material and author, none of the show's 29 episodes are believed to have survived. The advertisement image does provide some information about the season one episode The Promise. It's director, John Frankau (The Agatha Christie Hour, ITV Sunday Night Drama), is listed as having directed ten episodes of the series. Other directors include Peter Moffatt (Doctor Who, All Creatures Great and Small) and Jonathan Alwyn (Armchair Theatre, The Avengers, Doomwatch).

Episode List

Season 1 (1961)

Episode Status
1. The Terror of the Twins Lost
2. The Promise Lost
3. The Man Who Was Milligan Lost
4. The Tradition Lost
5. The Empty Sleeve Lost
6. Accessory Before The Fact Lost
7. The Woman's Ghost Story Lost
8. Decoy Lost

Season 2 (1962)

Episode Status
1. Confession Lost
2. Chinese Magic Lost
3. Max Hensig Lost
4. The Man Who Found Out Lost
5. Nephele Lost
6. Ancient Sorceries Lost
7. Deferred Appointment Lost
8. The Pikerstaffe Cast Lost
9. The Telephone Lost
10. The Call Lost
11. Wolves of God Lost

Season 3 (1963)

Episode Status
1. Old Clothes Lost
2. The Doll Lost
3. Egyptian Sorcery Lost
4. The Damned Lost
5. The Second Generation Lost
6. A Case of Eavesdropping Lost
7. Petershin And Mr Snide Lost
8. The Lodger Lost
9. The Insanity of Jones Lost
10. Dream Cottage Lost

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