Talk to Me (partially found unreleased Xuxa album; 1994)

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Xuxa Talk to Me cover .jpg

Rumored cover art for the album.

Status: Partially Found

Talk to Me is a lost album recorded by Brazilian singer Xuxa and produced by Eric Thorngren under MTM Enterprises. Its slated release in 1994 got canceled.[1]

An English language album for the U.S. market was planned to hit stores in 1994, to coincide with the release of the second season of her English language variety show Xuxa. The album was to consist of 20 English adaptions of her previous Portuguese songs and one new original song, "Talk to Me" for which the album was named.[2]

In early 1994, due to low ratings and Xuxa's hospitalization due to exhaustion, the planned second season of her television program and album release were canceled.


Many of the tracks from this album were performed on her show, and several of them were also released on cassette tapes which were included with the line of Xuxa dolls produced by RoseArt in 1993.[3] Low-quality, unofficial versions of this album have circulated on the market, but no official studio version has been released, Only the songs "Talk To Me", "Ylarie" and "Do Say" was published on Xuxa's social media by her team.

Rumored Tracklist

# Song Title Original Duration Status
1 Xuxa and Her Friends O Xou da Xuxa Começou 4:16 Lost
2 Shindolele Tindolelê 4:05 Lost
3 Ylarie Ilariê 5:42 Partially Found
4 Song Of Peace Nosso Canto de Paz 4:00 Lost
5 Shining Star Pinel por Você 2:27 Lost
6 Xuxa's Dance Dança da Xuxa 3:06 Lost
7 Mark an X Marquei um X 3:30 Lost
8 Talk To Me 3:55 Found
9 Do Say Doce Mel (Bom Estar Com Você) 3:08 Found
10 Rainbow Arco-Íris 4:37 Lost
11 Xuxa's Alphabet Abecedário da Xuxa 3:39 Lost
12 Xspecial Recipe Rexeita da Xuxa 3:11 Lost
13 Suzanna! A Pulga 2:57 Lost
14 Froggy, Froggy Crock Crock 3:15 Lost
15 Celebration Hoje é Dia de Folia 4:39 Lost
16 Life is a Party A Vida é Uma Festa 3:48 Lost
17 We Live for Love A Tribo do Amor 3:41 Lost
18 No Drugs Alerta 3:52 Lost
19 Whole America América Geral 5:35 Lost
20 Miracle Milagre da Vida 4:03 Lost
21 Xuxa's Dream Lua de Cristal 4:20 Lost


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