Talking About the Weather (found short film; 1994)

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Title card.

Status: Found

Date found: 13 Sep 2017

Found by: LoneWolf Moonlight, Senshisun, eletrikfiyed, and Rik is Major Drama

Talking About the Weather is a short film created in 1994.


Two unnamed men meet at a train station after the protest march.[1] They talk casually about the march, and the man in the button-down shirt (Rikkard Olafson) starts to flirt with the boy in the t-shirt (Carlo D’Amore). The conversation takes a more serious turn when the man asks the boy if he’s positive. The man reveals he just got his HIV results, and he is positive.

To lighten the conversation, they change the topic to San Francisco, which is described as a beautiful city with a large LGBT community. The boy talks about the gray skies, but the man can’t keep his mind off his diagnosis. When the boy’s train arrives, the man helps him leave. The boy kisses the man before getting on the train. He is seated next to another man who starts hitting on him, implying that the story is not over.


The Bay Area Reporter reported on the short as a part of their coverage of the 10th Annual Film Arts Festival. Reporter Paul Bollwinkel called it a "modest, well-acted 11-minute slice of life." A still from the film was used to promote the festival.

Some information about the film was released onto the Internet. It was cataloged by various online movie databases, but over time, mistakes were made, and misinformation started to spread. This lead to reports that rock star Joan Jett was involved with the project. As everybody associated with the production had moved on, and it was technologically impossible to put the movie on the Internet, nobody could verify what information was correct.

Discovery and Release

On June 7th, 2017, Lost Media Wiki user "eletrikfiyed" posted that he was curious about the film, believing it had starred Joan Jett. Users LoneWolf Moonlight and senshisun started to research it but initially found little information. The discovery of a YouTube video that appeared to have clips from the film.[2] helped lead the researchers to Olafson, now going by Rik.[3] He had a copy of the film, which he digitized. He asked for permission from the producers, Bob Smith, and Carl Forest Sandler, to release the film. The producers gave their permission on September 13th, 2017, and the film was uploaded later that day.


Talking About the Weather