Taste (lost CBS TV pilot; 2004)

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The cast of Taste.

Status: Lost

Taste was a produced pilot for CBS in 2004. It was made by Kirk J. Rudellhad, which was to be picked up by CBS. The pilot episode for Taste aired on April 28, 2004, but the pilot episode was poorly received and the show was not picked up as a series. Taste was produced and directed by Andy Cadiff, who directed pilots and episodes of other shows such as Growing Pains (1992), Home Improvement (1993-1999) and Hot in Cleveland (2010-2015).


The first reports for Taste began as far back as October of 2003, when it was reported that actress Jane Krakowski had signed a talent holding deal with CBS to develop a comedy. In March 2004, the pilot was greenlighted, given an official name, and a basic premise. Throughout the rest of March 2004, other actors signed onto the project including Jim Parsons.[1]


The plot was about Samantha (Jane Krakowski) a fresh culinary graduate who got her first job at a high profiled restaurant in New York City. She runs into problems and some people resent her for taking the job.[2]


Only a screenshot of the cast on set has surfaced. Due to the low ratings of the pilot received, it is unlikely that is will resurface. According to Jim Parsons, this was the second pilot that he auditioned for before "The Big Bang Theory" which premiered in 2007. He also said that in many of the television pilots in which he was cast failed to find a network willing to pick up the series. The unsold pilot was mentioned in "The Encyclopedia of Television Pilots: 1937-2012" book which was written by Vincent Terrace with the cast and plot listed.


  • Lombardo Boyar as Carlos,
  • Lola Glaudini as Giselle,
  • Jane Krakowski as Samantha,
  • Alexander Leeb as Van de Bundt,
  • Jim Parsons as Kris,
  • Rufus Sewell as Michael Kuhleman.

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