Teletoon's Total Drama Avatar Creator (lost Total Drama Island character creation Flash game; 2010)

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Total Drama Avatar Creator.png

Screenshot showing some of the customization options in the creator.

Status: Lost

Around the time Total Drama World Tour was premiering, in promotion of the series Teletoon released Total Drama Online Avatar Builder for user profiles on the now dead People would create their character, save it, and be able to use that character as their user avatar on the website.[1] The creator gave you 6 generic template characters to work with. After you chose one you have different customizable features such as shirts, heads, pants, and even a variety of different backgrounds featuring a character of Total Drama World Tour.

Attempts to find it[edit | edit source]

Current day the website is dead and the URL just redirects you to Teletoon's website. People have tried to use Wayback Machine but there has been a few problems that has made it impossible to access.

The website was for Canadian fans only, and there was a log in block screen to make sure you were Canadian only. Even when using a VPN in the wayback machine it has shown to do nothing as the existing snapshots have only gone so far in the website. People haven't currently found the way to retrieve the SWF file.

The only video footage found comes from one of the application's developers. [2]

References[edit | edit source]