Teletoon's Total Drama Avatar Creator (lost Total Drama Island character creation Flash game; 2010)

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Total Drama Avatar Creator.png

Screenshot showing some of the customization options in the creator.

Status: Lost

Total Drama World Tour was the third season for Canadian animated series Total Drama, airing on Teletoon in Canada, and Cartoon Network elsewhere around 2010 and 2011. Around the time Total Drama World Tour premiered, to promote the series, an avatar creator game was released to make avatars to use on the now defunct Total Drama Online website


The avatar creator was like any other one at the time, when finalized you could use the avatar on the Total Drama Online website. There were 6 templates, and a variety of clothing, hair, and facial details that could be customized within the creator.


The avatar creator was available for a while till the site shutdown. After Total Drama Online went defunct around 2014, many parts of the website were left unarchived and went lost. One of them being the avatar creator feature. There were no separate websites to make an avatar either.

Search Efforts

Current day the website is dead and the URL just redirects you to the Teletoon website. There were attempts to use WayBack Machine, but there has been a few problems that has made it inaccessible.

The website was restricted to Canada and did not load if it was accessed outside Canada. Though if the snapshot is accessed in Canada or bypassed with a VPN, there is lack of archived content which has not gone far into the site. The SWF file for the game has not been retrieved and it is not known how it can be retrieved.

Footage of the avatar creator was not recorded by users, though a developer recorded it in use. [1]