Teletoon (partially found idents of Canadian cable channel; 1997-2023)

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Teletoon logo.png

The channel's logo before rebranding to Cartoon Network Canada.

Status: Partially Found

Teletoon was a Canadian TV channel launched in 1997 that mainly targets kids and young teenagers. Over the 25 years that they have been running, many different bumpers have been broadcast, and a fair number have also been lost.

List of Bumpers

Bumper Name Description Year Status
Afternoon Planet: Fish A smaller fish gets eaten by a larger fish. 1997 Found
Morning Planet: Sing The inhabitants of an alien planet sing a chord. A clay Teletoon logo eventually descends from the sky. 1997 Found
Various Teletina idents N/A 1999 Lost
Sleigh The Teletoon logo slides down a bobsled course. 2001 Found
Toast Two Teletoon logos in the shape of toast are placed into a toaster. They then pops out and hit a multitude of things, which are the kitchen walls, the dishes, the dog food causing it to spill, and then the toast hits various things across the kitchen until the toast lands on a plate on the counter. 2001


UFO The Teletoon logo looks around until a light descends from a larger green Teletoon logo. The small Teletoon logo gets sucked up by the larger Teletoon logo, and then the small logo comes back strolling towards us. 2001 Found
Cow A heard of orange cows suddenly stampede away when one of them farts, leaving a blue cow with the Teletoon logo behind. 2003 Found
Curling N/A 2003 Found
Dog A dog in a patch of tall orange grass is sniffing around the place, then sniffs the camera and gets the Teletoon logo stuck to his nose. 2003 Found
Dung Beetle N/A 2003 Found
Mitosis N/A 2003 Found
Model T N/A 2003 Lost
Monkeys N/A 2003 Found
Robot Brain N/A 2003 Lost
Snow Bug N/A 2003 Lost
Snow Skating N/A 2003 Found
Space Diner N/A 2003 Found
Spider Web N/A 2003 Partially Lost
Vampire N/A 2003 Found
F Night Random faces are drawn in the background as per usual it is in a very glitchy style. 2007 Found
Gusher Various fountains of brown liquid appear out of the ground. The Teletoon logo attempts to step on them to stop them but eventually turns them off with a valve. 2007 Found
menupage5 V1 - Menus and Templates Clips and air times of shows are displayed against a very glitchy style background. 2007 Partially Lost
Obstruction The black screen is folded into an origami dragon by the Teletoon logo using robot arms. The dragon shoots fire a few times before it is blown away by the logo. 2007 Found
Scribble Various pieces of scribble art are shown in a glitchy way, with warped audio playing in the background. At the end, the Teletoon Detour logo is displayed. 2007 Found
Skull V1, Skull V2, Skull V3, and Space Invaders Various amounts of skull and Space Invaders pixel art is shown in a multitude of colors, orientations, and sizes. The Teletoon Detour logo is shown at the end. 2007 Partially lost
Stinker A green fart cloud drifts in from offscreen. The Teletoon logo smells it, turns green, and promptly blows it away using numerous desk fans. The camera begins to back away, but the logo draws it back in with a suction cup. 2007 Found
Teletoon Presents The Teletoon logo sits on a pedestal with the word "presents" on it. A clip of the next show is displayed along with the schedule for the next hour. The logo is then shown again. 2007 Partially Lost
Train An anvil falls next to the Teletoon logo, causing a crack in the ground. Panicking, the logo produces a zipper that brings the two halves of the floor together. A train then rides down the zipper and passes through the letter "O" on the logo. The logo then remains still and the schedule for the next 2 hours is shown. 2007 Found
Dear, Teletoon Detour A viewer writes a letter to Teletoon requesting that two episodes of Robot Chicken and Moral Orel be shown at 11:00 PM on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. The second one involves Teletoon responding to another viewer's request to join the Pretty Pink Sally fan club in lieu of Sally, as she is too busy watching the aforementioned shows at the aforementioned times. 2009 Found
Donut V01 A box zooms in and out into the bottom right-hand corner. It opens up and zigzagging bars come out. Around the bars, some clips of some shows are shown, along with the air times for them. The Teletoon logo is then displayed. 2009 Found
EndPage V01 Similarly to the last bumper, zigzagging bars surround the screen (although centred around the Teletoon logo and not a box) and the schedule for the next hour is shown. The Teletoon logo is then displayed on it's own 2009 Found
Life's a and Steve A character describes all the ways he stalked another person online while at a gay bar. The second bumper shows Jake Oswalt telling Dr. D that xyt isn't a valid scrabble word, who argues that it is (saying that it means to exit real fast when the cops show up). The air times for Life's a Zoo is then shown. 2009 Found
R2-D2 The Teletoon logo sits in the center of the screen behind a white void as R2-D2 from Star Wars: The Clone Wars moves across the logo as he beeps. 2009 Found
Robot Chicken/Moral Orel Various clips of Robot Chicken and Moral Orel are shown, with the air times at the end. 2009 Found
Saturday Various clips and air times for Saturday are shown for Rick and Steve, Moral Orel, Robot Chicken, Futurama, Clone High, and Lucy, Daughter of the Devil, 2009 Found
Sunday The Teletoon Detour movie logo is shown on a film strip. Afterwards, various clips and stills from shows are played, with an announcer repeating the word "Sunday". 2009 Found