TheMeanKitty: "BROKEN CATS: The Web Series" (found bloopers of second episode of YouTube series; 2014)

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Broken cats episode 2 title.png

The second episode's title card.

Status: Found

Date found: 04 Aug 2014

Found by: Dex T.

TheMeanKitty is an online alias and a YouTube Channel of Cory Williams, also known as "Mr. Safety", that primarily features his two cats Sparta and Loki. He is mostly known for creating "The Mean Kitty Song" (aka "Hey Little Sparta") in 2007, which was the origins of TheMeanKitty's online prevalence.[1]

Later on, a short web series was started on the channel, with the 1st and 2nd episodes being uploaded a week apart from each other. The supposed third episode has since been set to private, as the playlist for the series indicates. At the end of the second episode (at 2:47) it shows a brief clip of the supposed third episode, in which Cory asks "What sound does a cat make?", Loki then lets out frog-like noise as Cory then promptly trips over Sparta.

The third video in the playlist turns out to be bloopers for the second episode that was called "Can't Stop Farting! – Bloopers from Broken Cats". The supposed third episode was likely never made/finished.


BROKEN CATS: The Web Series ("Episode Two")

Bloopers from "Episode Two" (with Chinese subtitles).