The $1,000,000 Pyramid (lost early version of game based on american game show; 2011)

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The game's front cover

Status: Lost

The $1,000,000 Pyramid was a video game released in 2011 on Nintendo Wii and developed by Ludia and published by Ubisoft.[1] It was based on the U.S. game show Pyramid. The name was based on the 2009 unsold pilot of the same name and the format was based on the 2002 version simply called Pyramid. The set and music were also from the 2002 version of the show. The game received negative reviews for it's unfinished looking graphics, not resembling the original 70's and 80's versions and weak A.I.


On some review websites, some screenshots from the game had a different color scheme and different design than was noticeably different than what was released.[2] Leading to speculation that the game was originally based on the 2002 version and Ludia wanted the game to look recognizable to fans of the show. In August 2020, a new screenshot of the game surfaced online showing the game with the different color scheme and the logo in the screenshot was a recreation of the 2002 logo and not the same one as the one that used for the game's release, confirming the speculation. While the existence of the early version of the game has been confirmed, no rom or disc of the original version of the game has been found.


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