The Actress (lost silent film; 1928)

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The actress 1928.jpg

Cover of the film.

Status: Lost

The Actress is a 1928 silent film. This film was directed by Sidney Franklin and starred Norma Shearer, Owen Moore, and Gwen Lee.[1] The film follows a theatrical troupe in London who loses their leading lady when she decides to get married.[2]

The film is noteworthy for being among the several film adaptations of the 1898 play Trelawny of the Wells by Arthur Wing Pinero. The play first premiered on Broadway in 1898, and it was adapted for film in England of the same name by Cecil Hepworth in 1916. The film is also in the middle of star Norma Shearer's career, coming just two years before she received an Academy Award for Best Actress in 1930 for her role in The Divorcee.

This film is currently lost, and its whereabouts are unknown. It is not clear at this time whether or not it will be released again.[3]

Interestingly enough, an advertisement for the film appears in the background of the bus scene in the surviving Buster Keaton film The Cameraman (1928).

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