The Adventure of Panda and Friends (lost English dub of anime film; 1990)

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A promotional image from TMS Entertainment.

Status: Lost

The Adventure of Panda and Friends, also known as Panda! Go, Panda!, is a Japanese anime short film directed by Isao Takahata and written by Hayao Miyazaki at TMS Entertainment. It was originally released theatrically in Japan in 1972. The film has been dubbed into English twice. Under the name, The Adventure of Panda and Friends, the film premiered in Canada on the Family Channel in June 1990. A second, more easily accessible Los Angeles-based production by Geneon Entertainment and Animaze was released as Panda! Go, Panda! in 2000. The latter has been the only dub of the film included on official home video releases.

The first known mention of the original dub came via the comments section of a 2018 Anime News Network feature on the life of director Isao Takahata, who had recently passed away. A user by the name of Candiswhite remarked having seen a version of the film starring Montreal-based actor Walter Massey as the father panda.[1] The poster later added that their parents recorded The Adventure of Panda and Friends on VHS from a broadcast of the film on Family Channel in the 1980s.[2] The poster would eventually dig out their home recording and transcribe the credits from the film.[3] Candiswhite hasn't logged into the site since 2019.

The existence of this English dub is supported by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission, which registered The Adventure of Panda and Friends as Canadian content on June 4, 1990.[4] The runtime is listed as 40 minutes long and it was received a 50% time credit, implying it was a dubbed foreign production. Various newspaper listings suggest the film premiered on Family Channel in June 1990, with reruns airing throughout 1991 and into 1992.[5][6][7]


The following information was shared by Candiswhite on Anime News Network:[3]

Voice Direction & Adaptation: Arden Ryshpan

Voices: Julian Bailey, Eramelinda Boquer, Aimee Castle, Teddy Lee Dillon, Dean Hagopian, Terry Haig, A.J. Henderson, Liza Hull, Walter Massey, Kaia Scott, Jeremy Steinberg, Jane Woods

Studio Supervisor: Barbara Parker

Post Production Director: Claudine Carpenter

Post Production Assistant: Julie Pelletier

Voice Recording and Re-recording: Francois Deschamps

Sound Effects Supervisor: Rene Beaudry

Sound Effects: Steve Wener

Theme Song: Words- Arden Ryshpan & Music- Chris Crilly

Additional music: Chris Crilly

Video Editor: Michel Forbes / Assisted by Joey Vekteris


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