The Adventures of Dewey the Dolphin (cancelled arcade/Genesis/NES game; 1991)

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Dewey the dolphin a.jpg

Screenshot of the title screen.

Status: Lost

The Adventures of Dewey the Dolphin, also simply known as Dewey the Dolphin, is an unreleased video game for the Nintendo Entertainment System that was originally meant to come out in 1991.

It was to be published by Ocean, programmed by Allan Shortt, and would have had graphics designed by John Palmer. Originally meant to be an arcade game, it was switched to be a Sega Genesis/Megadrive title due to budget reasons, and finally a NES game.

Screenshot showing Dewey meeting Neptune in what seems to be a cutscene.
Ultimately, while Palmer was quite passionate about the project, the game was cancelled supposedly due to it looking too similar to Ecco the Dolphin on Genesis.[1][2][3]

The Adventures of Dewey the Dolphin was announced in issue #13 of Electronic Gaming Monthly magazine with the following blurb: "Swim through the depths of the ocean watching out for all of the hungry fish who are looking for a tasy morsel for dinner. Meet up with Neptune, the Ocean God."[4]

No prototype has been made available, and apart from two screenshots, little other information on the game is known.