The Amazing 3 (partially lost English dub of anime series; 1965)

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A still from the show showing the main protagonists Bokko/Bonni, Ronnie/Nokko, Zero/Pukko, and Kenny/Shinichi Hoshi.

Status: Partially Lost

The Amazing 3 (Wonder 3 or W3 in Japan) is a 1965 children's sci-fi manga series created by legendary manga writer Osamu Tezuka. It focuses on a trio of aliens disguised as a duck, horse, and a rabbit who befriend a human. The trio go on various adventures on Earth and learns more about humanity and life on earth. During their stay on Earth, the alien trio have to find ways to convince The Galactic Federation to give humans more time to development instead of blowing it up. An anime adaptation of the manga started airing on Japanese and American television in 1965. All 52 episodes were dubbed.

Confirmation that The Amazing Three aired on KCOP Channel 13 in Los Angeles.

It aired from 1967 through 1970 on KCOP-TV (Channel 13) in Los Angeles, California[1] and on WPIX-TV (Channel 11) in New York, New York. It would also air on the Nine Network in Australia from 1969-1970. [2] The last time the English dub of the anime was ever aired and seen on American television was during the 1970s on KCOP-TV as reruns. A few episodes of the English dub were uploaded to YouTube sometime in 2013 or 2014 but were later removed, most likely due to copyright infringement.


Character Original Name Seiyū Dub Actor
Bonni Bokko Fuyumi Shiraishi Bobbie Byers
Ronnie Nokko Yasuo Kojima Neil Patrick
Zero Pukko Shinsuke Chikaishi Paul Brown
Kenny Carter Shinichi Hoshi Kazuko Sawada Kurt Nagel
Randy Carter Koichi Hoshi Yoshio Kaneuchi Kurt Nagel
Narrator Jerry Berke

Episode List

As of June 2020, around 30 of the 52 episodes are known to be found.

# Title Availability
1 "Three Beings from Outer Space" Lost
2 "Evacuation in 24 Hours" Lost
3 "The Mystery of Shangri-La" Lost
4 "The Camphor Tree Story" Found
5 "Floating Fortress" Found
6 "Zoo On A Skyscrapper" Found
7 Lost
8 "Circus Mystery" Found
9 "Sun Don't Set" Found
10 "Mummy Factory" Found
11 "Dule In North Valley" Found
12 "Mole Plan" Found
13 "Black Extract" Lost
14 "Fort of the Wild Dogs" Lost
15 "Sacrifices Will Not Be Tolerated" Lost
16 "My Name is X" Lost
17 "Black Extract" Found
18 "Explode the Barn" Found
19 "The Phoenix Story" Found
20 "The Mad Target" Lost
21 "Adventure in the Volcano" Lost
22 "The Dangerous Stage" Lost
23 "Duel in the Storm" Lost
24 "The Mysterious Inventor" Lost
25 "The Deadly Auto Race" Lost
26 "The Transocean Tunnel" Lost
27 "Invitation of the Diamonds" Lost
28 "Valley of the Thunderbolt" Lost
29 "A Day Blotted Out" Lost
30 "The Penguin Campaign" Lost
31 "Something Very Strange" Lost
32 "The Kiddie Battle" Found
33 "Four Witches" Found
34 "The Snow Fairy" Found
35 "The One-Eyed Gray Wolf" Found
36 "The Pledge in the Jungle" Found
37 "The Mystery of the Amazon" Found
38 "The Horrifying Skiing Competition" Found
39 "The Hero in the Desert" Found
40 "The Secret of the Grand Piano" Found
41 "Jump out, Pukko!" Found
42 "The Wonder 3 Go West" Found
43 "Mice from the Universe" Found
44 "The Moving Buddha" Found
45 "The Satellite Swag" Found
46 "The Alligator Incident" Lost
47 "The Mexican Bandits" Found
48 "Adventures on a Balloon" Lost
49 "The Smog Missile" Found
50 "Beat Them with the Strange Machine" Found
51 "The Underground Whale" Found
52 "Goodbye, Wonder 3" Found


For a long time, it was rumored that the English dub was destroyed or lost, with the only known evidence of its existence being a Youtube video that was uploaded on January 13th, 2013, titled "Captain Bunny's Greetings", published by user "unclesporkums". The video contained a two-second audio clip of the character Bokko (Called Bunny aka "Captain Bunny" in the English dub) giving a greeting to the viewer ("Hi, this is Captain Bunny." she says briefly). The audio itself was found on an unknown old website that might no longer exist, according to the uploader. Sometime in late May or early June 2020, "unclesporkums" revealed in a Youtube comment that he took down the video, as he had discovered that the original website where he had found the clip still exists. However, he could not remember the address of the website (possibly a website dedicated to Tezuka's works).[3] The video description did mention that it might be an unknown impersonator of Corrine Orr (Rumored to been the English voice of Bokko) but is difficult to tell due to the poor audio quality. The video was later deleted at an unknown time.

Corrine Orr later cleared up the rumors of her being the English voice of Bokko. As seen on the English website dedicated to Japanese animation "Absolute Anime" [4]. The actors hired to do the dubbing were thought to be lost to history until Andy Shepherd uncovered who they were. They were college students and local actors from Miami's little theater who were hired as the voices of Bokko/Bonnie (Bobbie Byers), Ronnie (Neil Patrick) , Zero (Paul Brown), Kenny (Kurt Nagel) and the opening narrator (Jerry Burke).


12 episodes on original film negatives were found in the KCOP vault and were sold on eBay for $24,000 back in 2008. [5] It is unknown at this time who purchased the auction.

In March of 2015, YouTube user Peter Vasiliou uploaded 2 and 1/2 episodes of the English Dub online, although in rather poor quality. The videos have been provided below. He has stated that he plans to upload more episodes when he has the time, although as of June of 2020, nothing has been uploaded regarding the dub since.

In early 2019, a Youtube channel called "Rare TezukaVids" uploaded 19 episodes of the English Dub in cleaner quality. The episodes were uploaded between March 31st, 2019, and March 5th, 2020. A link to the channel has been provided below.

On June 14th, 2020, Lost Media Wiki user Insulting Iguana discovered more episodes of the English dub and uploaded them onto Youtube. Episodes 32 through 41, and Episode 45 were uncovered, leaving us currently with over half of the series that has been discovered.


The first episode of the English Dub.

Episode 32 of the English Dub.

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