The Amazing Dancin’ Cats (found flash screamer animation; 2006)

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A screenshot of the screamer animation

Status: Found

Date found: 22 Oct 2016

Found by: Dycaite

The Amazing Dancin’ Cats is a flash screamer animation created by the owner of the Lost Media Wiki, Dycaite, on a site in 2006.


In 2006, Dycaite created four screamers on an unknown site. One of these screamers from Dycaite was called “The Amazing Dancin’ Cats.” In the screamer, it begins with “The Amazing Dancin’ Cats” on stage. The curtains rolls up and the song Yakety Sak by Benny Hill starts to play as the cats danced. However, at the 0:18 second mark, an edited image of a doll with glass eyes and a scar pop up, along with a scream.[1] The video then goes dark and a series of texts start to appear stating, “Gotcha Again”, “By the Caite that you love to hate”, and “Go away now”.


In 2009, the site was shut down along with the screamer, making it completely lost with no way of recovering it.

On October 22, 2016, a thread was made on the lost media forums by Dycaite. Dycaite talks about the screamers he made in 2006 along with The Amazing Dancin’ Cats being lost and wanting to find it again. He also states how he found a mirror version of the screamer but couldn’t find it, quote:

I did manage to find a mirror of the Amazing Dancin' Cats a few years back, though I can't for the life of me find it again (I swear I saved it at that time though, currently looking through my hard drive now for it)

It wasn’t until minutes later on the same day, Dycaite would find an archived state of a website called “” which had The Amazing Dancin’ Cats.[2]


The flash screamer video.

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