The Best Man Lies (found original full studio version of The Friendly Indians song; 2004)

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A group photo of the band.

Status: Found

Date found: July 2023

Found by: u/SammyGabryl

The Friendly Indians are an American rock band that was formed by Steve Franks. The other band members are Jason Barrett, Gizzy Jackson, and Tim Meltreger.[1] The band was formed in the early 1990s. They are perhaps most known for writing the theme song for the show Psych, which was created by Steve Franks. The song, titled "The Best Man Lies," was used for the intro of the show throughout its entire run. However, the song was allegedly written and released in 2004, before the show began to air. The studio version of the full song has been lost ever since.

History of the Song

"The Best Man Lies" was released as a studio recording on the band’s first official album, Tiny Badness, the EP. Tiny Badness was released in 2004 as a CD by the band themselves. The album was quickly sold out.[2]

In 2006, band member Steve Franks created the TV show Psych. using a shortened version of "The Best Man Lies" as their theme song. The theme song, now simply titled "I Know, You Know," became a hit within the fandom. Later performances of the song revealed that there was a full version of the song that had verses not performed in the theme song. The theme song has never had a full studio recording, meaning the only way to hear a studio recording of the full song would be having the Tiny Badness album.


For a while, the closest there was to a full recording were performances the band has done at various conventions. Some fans of Psych had also edited together mashups of the studio recording from the show with the live performance.

In July 2023, Reddit user u/SammyGabryl posted on the r/psych subreddit that they had found an early version of the song via the Wayback Machine[3]. This song is believed to be the original recording, thus rendering the song as found.




The shortened version of the song, used in Psych.

The extended version of the song, occasionally used in Psych.

A live performance of the full song.

A fan mashup of the studio and live versions.

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