The Best of the Worst (partially found predecessor/prototype of Eddsworld webcomics series; 2004-2005)

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Best of the worst 2.jpg

The second comic that was released to Edd's DeviantArt.

Status: Partially Found

The Best of the Worst (formerly, The Legacy of Tom and Edd) was a webcomic series created by Edd Gould (1988-2012) in 2004, the comics were most likely a predecessor/prototype for what later became the official Eddsworld comics. The only remaining comics that have been shown on the internet are comics 1, 2, and 6.

This webcomic should not be confused with a short-lived 1991 Fox TV show with the same name.


The Best of the Worst #1 consisted of Edd shouting “Oh my god! My hair is on fire!” and Tom responding with “Oh my god! A squirrel” the final panel shows a squirrel and Edd growling at tom.

The Best of the Worst #2 started with Tom saying, “for Halloween, let’s dress-up as the scariest thing ever”. The second panel shows Edd and Tom applying masks and the final panel shows Edd wearing a Tom mask and Tom wearing a mask of Edd. Edd responds with “So this is what we think of one another”.

The Best of The Worst #6 started with Edd saying, "We're lost aren't we?" The second panel shows Tom exclaiming "Nonsense! I know this place like the back of my hand!", lifting his arm up to reveal his hand is missing. In the third panel, Edd asks what happened to Tom's hand, and in the final panel Tom replies, "I thought I felt a draft".


There are two reasons and/or speculations for the lack of the other comics being released to the internet. The main reason/speculation being that Edd was most likely working on Eddsworld animations and didn’t want to stall for time uploading any old comics he had created. The second reason/speculation is during the time when Eddsworld was still being formed (late 2004-early 2005), Edd was going through some computer troubles meaning that he had to get his computer fixed.[1][2] When computers are usually sent to be fixed (Mainly due to viruses or malfunctions), the computer has a new OS freshly installed or on some occasions, the hard drive gets replaced. The latter is probably the reason why the other comics haven't been released.