The Blues Brothers Revival (lost recording of one-time Blues Brothers tribute musical; 2004)

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Theatrical poster for the film.

Status: Lost

On April 7, 2004, The Blues Brothers Revival, a musical tribute based on the Saturday Night Live sketch and soul revivalist group The Blues Brothers, was performed at the Chicago Center for the Performing Arts.[1][2] It was a one-night only event and was greeted with fairly negative reviews.[1] [3]It featured many songs from the original film and the already existing Blues Brothers albums.[4]


The plot of the film has "Joliet" Jake Blues dead and in purgatory, with his brother Elwood (along with some choir singers) trying to get him into heaven.[4] It featured songs such as "Sweet Home Chicago," "She Caught the Katy," "R.E.S.P.E.C.T.," and "Jailhouse Rock," along with a few others.


The production was met with fairly negative reviews, with many outlets such as Variety stating: "...A tawdry, loose, humorless and generally half-baked effort, with a book so weird and wafer-thin it makes no compelling case whatsoever for its own existence."[3]

The Chicago Reader stated "[Victor R. Pisano] gives us only the barest fig leaf of a story: Jake, who’s dead and burning in purgatory, is trying to get into heaven. Nothing about this Blues Brothers nostalgia concert, lightly sprinkled with references to the 1980 Blues Brothers movie, gives us a reason to care about it."[1]

Background & Availability

The musical was written by Victor R. Pisano, husband to Judith Belushi-Pisano (former wife of John Belushi, the original actor for Jake Blues), and while it was performed, nothing out of the musical has ever surfaced. No videos, pictures, or even a script have been found. The only thing confirming its existence are a few reviews of the musical[1][3] and an announcement by Playbill.[4]

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