The Brothers Grunt (partially lost episodes of animated series; existence unconfirmed; 1994-1995)

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The Brothers as they appeared in the series

Status: Partially Lost

The Brothers Grunt was an MTV cartoon created by Danny Antonucci, creator of Ed Edd n Eddy. The series ran from 1994-1995 and was cancelled due to low ratings. The show was also compared to Aaahh! Real Monsters!, but the comparisons were disowned by the show's co-creator Gábor Csupó.

While the show only had 35 episodes aired, there were ten other episodes (three unconfirmed) produced that weren't aired. Most episodes are missing music video segments; some are found but with no episode tied-in.

Lost Episodes

# Episode Title Status
36 Perry Come Home Found
37 Bring Me the Head of Perry the Grunt Found
38 Black Balled Grunt Found
39 Perry's Off Day Found
40 Tony & Lace Found
41 The Filling of the Shorts Found
42 Poobah Blues Partially Lost
43 Hunt for Grunts Existence Unconfirmed
44 Friends! Romans! Grunts! Existence Unconfirmed
45 The Wedding Existence Unconfirmed

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