The Bullwinkle Show (partially found Bullwinkle puppet segments of animated series; 1961)

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Bullwinkle Show title.JPG

One of the show's title cards.

Status: Partially Found

Rocky and Bullwinkle initially began as a series titled Rocky and His Friends which premiered on ABC in 1959. In 1961, the show was moved over to NBC and rebranded to become The Bullwinkle Show due to Bullwinkle having become the most popular character of the main duo. Accompanied by this version of the series were new segments starring a live-action Bullwinkle Puppet who would host the show and read fan mail while providing Bullwinkle's usual antics and poke fun at celebrities.

At one point, Bullwinkle ended an episode by telling the audience to remove the knobs from the front of their TV sets, so they'll be sure to tune into the next week's show. It was reported that around 20,000 young children complied with this, causing NBC to receive a ton of letters from angry parents. The next week, Bullwinkle told the audience to glue their knobs back onto the TV, and the Puppet got pulled from the show shortly afterward.

As the format of the series had been changed several times over the years after the series was put into syndication, the Bullwinkle Puppet segments ended up becoming lost in the shuffle.[1] Although some Bullwinkle Puppet segments have made their way to DVD releases of the series as bonus material, it is likely that there are still many segments that are still missing.


Bullwinkle Puppet segments included on a DVD release of the series.

More segments from said DVD release.