The Capricorns Are Gonna Get You (lost The Capricorns album; 2000)

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The Capricorns, circa 2001.

Status: Lost

The Capricorns Are Gonna Get You is the lost debut album of The Capricorns, an early 2000s indietronica band from Grayslake, IL. The band was created in the summer of 2000, while Heather Lynn and Kirsten Nordine were home for the summer and decided to make a band to impress boys.[1] They would go on to release four albums, three of which (In the Zone, Go the Distance, and Pure Magical Love) remain extant.

The Capricorns Are Gonna Get You was recorded in Cincinnati, and 100 cassette copies were released on Teenage Boyfriend Records (The Capricorns' label created specifically for this purpose).[1] It had 12 songs and led to their getting a record deal with Washington DC's Paroxysm Records (though sources differ on where label owner Jason Barnett first heard it).[2] Nevertheless, even the track listing is unknown at present.

On their website, The Capricorns made reference to "early" songs that don't appear on any of their extant albums, such as "Steve and Tiffannie", "Crazy Circus Song" ,[1] "Monster Movie 1," "Monster Movie 2," and "Sweet Julia."[3] The first of these, "Steve and Tiffanie," was later released on the Kill Rock Stars compilation Tracks and Fields,[4] and is alleged by some sources (e.g. the band's Wikipedia page) to have been a track on The Capricorns Are Gonna Get You, though this is not corroborated by any extant information on the websites of either The Capricorns or Kill Rock Stars.