The Cat Creeps (partially found horror mystery remake of "The Cat and The Canary" film; 1930)

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Film poster.

Status: Partially Found

The Cat Creeps is a Pre-Code Hollywood crime/mystery film released by Universal in 1930. The film was a talkie remake of Universal's 1927 silent film The Cat and The Canary, and was shot both in English and Spanish.


The plot of The Cat Creeps (and the film it was based on) revolves around six relatives of a deceased elderly man who declared that his will not be read until 20 years after he has died. Then, when the clock strikes midnight and it has been exactly 20 years after his death, the will will be read. The will states that if the heir were to die or lose their sanity, then the content mentioned in the paper will be given to another relative. After the will is read, the lawyer reading said will is killed. Annabelle, the heir to the old man's belongings, almost goes insane while staying in the old man's house, due to the many frightening things it beholds.[1]


The film is mostly lost, as all that remains are its soundtrack and a few clips that were used in the 1932 comedy film Boo!, which made fun of this film and another one featuring Frankenstein.[2]


Boo! (1932) which includes footage from the film starting at 5:19.

The combined footage from the horror film (no audio).

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