The Chopped Liver Brothers (lost TV pilot; 1977)

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An advertisement from the Lawton Sunday Constitution.

Status: Lost

The Chopped Liver Brothers was a television pilot for an unproduced ABC sitcom that aired on May 6th, 1977. Staring Jay Tares and Tom Patchett, the plot concerned two best friends, Jay and Tom, working white-collar jobs while simultaneously trying to break into stand-up comedy. The only mention of the pilot airing was in a newspaper based out of Lawrence, Oklahoma, leading to the Possibility of it airing locally. Very little is known about the pilot, but The Chopped Liver Brothers did not get picked up for a series. Due to the obscure nature of the pilot, has not resurfaced since it initially aired.


The Chopped Liver Brothers starred Jay Tarses and Tom Patchett, as Jay and Tom respectively. Gwynne Gilford also would have starred as Sally, Tom's wife. The plot revolves around friends Jay and Tom, as they attempt to break into stand-up comedy while dealing with day-to-day antics. The pilot was directed by Hugh Wilson, who would go on to create WKRP in Cincinnati the following year, as well as direct several comedy films such as Police Academy.


General information about the pilot for The Chopped Liver Brothers is rather scarce. The only mention of The Chopped Liver Brothers broadcast was by a newspaper in Lawton, Oklahoma making it possible that the pilot only aired on the ABC affiliate for the Lawton area, though this cannot be confirmed. Due to the obscure nature of The Chopped Liver Brothers, no clips have surfaced though original publicity photos have been known to crop up on eBay.


  • Jay Tarses as Jay Luckman
  • Tom Patchett as Tom Van Brocklin
  • Gwynne Gilford as Sally Van Brocklin
  • Philip Bruns as Mr. Ruth
  • Robert Emhardt as Duffy
  • Madeleine Fisher as Receptionist
  • Michael Pataki as Kelso
  • Rick Podell as Impressionist
  • Donna Ponterotto as Michelle Rosen
  • Philip Roth as Nathan Railoff