The Comic Strip (partially found Rankin/Bass animated TV series; 1987)

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Title card for the series.

Status: Partially Found

The Comic Strip is a 1987 American action-comedy children's animated anthology television series produced by Rankin/Bass Productions. It is that studio's final cartoon T.V. series. During the 1987 season, it ran for an hour and a half in first-run syndication.[1] There is one season with 65 episodes, each episode containing two segments, totaling up to 130 segments.


Each episode is split into two ten-minute segments. The segments are alternated from episode to episode.[2] There are four cartoon segments: Karate Kat, Tiger Sharks, The Mini-Monsters, and Street Frogs. Karate Kat centers on a crime-fighting, anthropomorphic cat who works for a detective agency and uses his martial arts skills to defend his city from evil-doers; Tiger Sharks follows a super team of human/marine animal hybrids who have underwater adventures while fending off villains along the way; The Mini-Monsters features two human kids and siblings who go to summer camp where they meet an unusual bunch of fellow campers who are based on mostly movie monsters, and Street Frogs revolves around a crew of rapping amphibians.


A limited number of episodes are available and tend to differ from one video streaming site to another. Some websites have compiled all four cartoon segment series, each including three segments. These compilations have been taken from VHS compilations released by Lorimar Home Video and are found on Dailymotion and YouTube. On YouTube, segments from various series are on individually, including Spanish dubs of Karate Kat and The Mini-Monsters on the same site. Another compilation on YouTube has three segments, one from each series: Karate Kat, The Mini-Monsters, and Street Frogs. On the Internet Archive, there are seven segments of The Mini-Monsters, three of them in Greek, whereas some of the Tiger Sharks segments are on there as well, but they vary from being in English, Spanish, and Greek, and a couple are incomplete. Most of Street Frogs is unavailable, save for three segments. Karate Kat isn't there at all, other than the theme song. The entire series in English has yet to be available on any streaming site.


Episode List

# Title Segment Availability
1 Voyage to Water-O TigerSharks Lost
2 SARK to the Rescue TigerSharks Lost
3 Save the SARK TigerSharks Lost
4 The Deep Fryer TigerSharks Lost
5 Bowfin TigerSharks Lost
6 Pappagallo's Present TigerSharks Lost
7 The Lighthouse TigerSharks Lost
8 Go with the Flow TigerSharks Lost
9 Termagant TigerSharks Lost
10 The Terror of Dragonstein TigerSharks Lost
11 The Search for Redfin TigerSharks Lost
12 The Kraken TigerSharks Lost
13 Stowaway TigerSharks Lost
14 Iced TigerSharks Lost
15 The Volcano TigerSharks Lost
16 A Question of Age TigerSharks Lost
17 Eye of the Storm TigerSharks Lost
18 Departure TigerSharks Lost
19 Murky Waters TigerSharks Lost
20 Spellbinder TigerSharks Lost
21 The Waterscope TigerSharks Lost
22 The Point of No Return TigerSharks Lost
23 The Scavenger Hunt TigerSharks Lost
24 Paradise Island TigerSharks Lost
25 The Treasure Map TigerSharks Lost
26 Redfin Returns TigerSharks Lost
27 TBA The Mini-Monsters Lost
28 TBA The Mini-Monsters Lost
29 TBA The Mini-Monsters Lost
30 TBA The Mini-Monsters Lost
31 TBA The Mini-Monsters Lost
32 TBA The Mini-Monsters Lost
33 TBA The Mini-Monsters Lost
34 TBA The Mini-Monsters Lost
35 TBA The Mini-Monsters Lost
36 TBA The Mini-Monsters Lost
37 TBA The Mini-Monsters Lost
38 TBA The Mini-Monsters Lost
39 TBA The Mini-Monsters Lost
40 TBA The Mini-Monsters Lost
41 TBA The Mini-Monsters Lost
42 TBA The Mini-Monsters Lost
43 TBA The Mini-Monsters Lost
44 TBA The Mini-Monsters Lost
45 TBA The Mini-Monsters Lost
46 TBA The Mini-Monsters Lost
47 TBA The Mini-Monsters Lost
48 TBA The Mini-Monsters Lost
49 TBA The Mini-Monsters Lost
50 TBA The Mini-Monsters Lost
51 TBA The Mini-Monsters Lost
52 TBA The Mini-Monsters Lost
53 TBA Street Frogs Lost
54 TBA Street Frogs Lost
55 TBA Street Frogs Lost
56 TBA Street Frogs Lost
57 TBA Street Frogs Lost
58 TBA Street Frogs Lost
59 TBA Street Frogs Lost
60 TBA Street Frogs Lost
61 TBA Street Frogs Lost
62 TBA Street Frogs Lost
63 TBA Street Frogs Lost
64 TBA Street Frogs Lost
65 TBA Street Frogs Lost
66 TBA Street Frogs Lost
67 TBA Street Frogs Lost
68 TBA Street Frogs Lost
69 TBA Street Frogs Lost
70 TBA Street Frogs Lost
71 TBA Street Frogs Lost
72 TBA Street Frogs Lost
73 TBA Street Frogs Lost
74 TBA Street Frogs Lost
75 TBA Street Frogs Lost
76 TBA Street Frogs Lost
77 TBA Street Frogs Lost
78 TBA Street Frogs Lost
79 TBA Karate Kat Lost
80 TBA Karate Kat Lost
81 TBA Karate Kat Lost
82 TBA Karate Kat Lost
83 TBA Karate Kat Lost
84 TBA Karate Kat Lost
85 TBA Karate Kat Lost
86 TBA Karate Kat Lost
87 TBA Karate Kat Lost
88 TBA Karate Kat Lost
89 TBA Karate Kat Lost
90 TBA Karate Kat Lost
91 TBA Karate Kat Lost
92 TBA Karate Kat Lost
93 TBA Karate Kat Lost
94 TBA Karate Kat Lost
95 TBA Karate Kat Lost
96 TBA Karate Kat Lost
97 TBA Karate Kat Lost
98 TBA Karate Kat Lost
99 TBA Karate Kat Lost
100 TBA Karate Kat Lost
101 TBA Karate Kat Lost
102 TBA Karate Kat Lost
103 TBA Karate Kat Lost
104 TBA Karate Kat Lost
105 TBA Karate Kat Lost
106 TBA Karate Kat Lost
107 TBA Karate Kat Lost
108 TBA Karate Kat Lost
109 TBA Karate Kat Lost
110 TBA Karate Kat Lost
111 TBA Karate Kat Lost
112 TBA Karate Kat Lost
113 TBA Karate Kat Lost
114 TBA Karate Kat Lost
115 TBA Karate Kat Lost
116 TBA Karate Kat Lost
117 TBA Karate Kat Lost
118 TBA Karate Kat Lost
119 TBA Karate Kat Lost
120 TBA Karate Kat Lost
121 TBA Karate Kat Lost
122 TBA Karate Kat Lost
123 TBA Karate Kat Lost
124 TBA Karate Kat Lost
125 TBA Karate Kat Lost
126 TBA Karate Kat Lost
127 TBA Karate Kat Lost
128 TBA Karate Kat Lost
129 TBA Karate Kat Lost
130 TBA Karate Kat Lost


episodes with commercials

series intro

episodes 1-3


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