The Cops (partially found production material of cancelled TBS animated comedy series; 2017)

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The main characters of the show.

Status: Partially Found

The Cops was an animated TV show planned to air on TBS, and was created by Albert Brooks and Louis C.K..


According to the description of the show from TBS:

"The Cops follows Al (Brooks) and Lou (C.K.), two LAPD patrolmen trying their best to protect and serve, sometimes failing at both. Ride with them as they patrol one of the biggest cities in the world, then go home with them and be glad you’re not married to either."[1]


TBS originally ordered 10 episodes of the show,[1] but later shelved the project. Louis C.K., one of the creators of the show, admitted that he committed sexual misconduct on several women throughout his career, causing various projects he was involved in, including this show, to be cancelled or put on hold. While it was originally planned to recast Lou with a new voice,[2] the show was ultimately scrapped.[3]


The only footage that has been released are a few snip-its on a video announcing multiple new projects coming to TBS. Apart from that, there hasn't been any episodes or footage released.


Snip-its of the show at 2:53, 2:55, and 2:59.