The Corner Bar (partially found ABC sitcom TV series; 1972-1973)

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Gabriel dell 1972.jpg

A photo of Gabriel Dell on the set of The Corner Bar.

Status: Partially Found

The Corner Bar was an American sitcom that ran from 1972-1973 on ABC. The show revolves around the patrons of a bar in New York City called Grant's Tomb.[1] The show was produced by Alan King and Howard Morris. What also made this show unique is that it was the first American sitcom that featured a recurring openly gay character.

Season one of The Corner Bar debuted on ABC on Wednesday nights from June 21st, 1972-August 23rd, 1972, and ran for ten episodes and was met with mostly negative reviews. Despite the mostly negative reviews, a second season of the show aired, but with only six episodes. The second season of The Corner Bar aired from August 3rd, 1973-September 7th, 1973, and had a different cast from the first season. The show was canceled after its second season.


In the The Corner Bar entrepreneur Harry Grant (Gaberial Dell) purchases a bar in New York City named Grant's Tomb. The show follows the partons and workers at the bar as each episode has something new in store for the patrons. By season two, the bar's ownership changes from Harry Grant to characters Mae (Anne Meara) and Frank Flynn (Eugene Roche). Season two keeps up all of the antics that came about in season one. Though there was a notable change in the cast for season two.


Given its mostly negative reception, no re-runs of the show have aired since the end of season two, nor have any of the show's episodes have since re-surfaced. As of the writing of this article, only a handful of photos from on the set and the intros from seasons one and two have surfaced.


Season 1

  • Harry Grant played by Gabriel Dell
  • Fred Costello played by J.J. Barry
  • Phil Bracken played by Bill Fiore
  • Joe The Cook played by Joe Keyes
  • Peter Panama played by Vincent Schiavelli
  • Meyer Shapiro played by Shimen Ruskin
  • Mary Ann played by Langhorn Scruggs

Season 2

  • Mae played by Anne Meara
  • Frank Flynn played by Eugene Roche
  • Fred Costello played by J.J. Barry
  • Phil Bracken played by Bill Fiore
  • Meyer Shapiro played by Shimen Ruskin
  • Donald Hooten played by Ron Carey


Episode List

# Episode Synopsis Status
1 Politics Unknown Lost
2 Flanagan's Wake Unknown Lost
3 Quarantined Harry and the gang are quarantined in Grant's Toomb. Lost
4 Harry The Hood Grant's Toomb gets vandalized when a rock is thrown at the stained glass window. Lost
5 Cook's Night Out Unknown Lost
6 Bonnie's Bundle Unknown Lost
7 The Generation Canyon Unknown Lost
8 The Sexy Landlady Harry vs. a starved widow. The woman is his new landlady, and she's willing to trade a renewal on the bar for a marriage proposal. Lost
9 The Navy Reunion Unknown Lost
10 Episode name unknown Workers at "Grant's Toomb" Unite! Meyer, Joe and Mary Ann are caught between loyalty to their striking Union and to Harry. The predicament finds them picketing but urging customers to cross the line. Lost
11 Father's Day Frank is conned into thinking he's the father of a 20-year-old Korean with extravagant tastes. Lost
12 To Your Good Health Frank fights to lose weight. The hefty bartender has to lose 15 pounds or fork over an extra $300 for his insurance. Lost
13 Mixed Doubles Unknown Lost
14 Fifty Grand Feds' $50,000 mistake: he unwittingly took a briefcase belonging to hoodlums. Now they're holding the other patrons hostage until he returns. Lost
15 The Space On The Bar Room Floor The space on the barroom floor is all that is left after kidnappers make off with the bar itself. Frank and Mae must raise $2000 ransom if they want to see the centrepiece of their tavern again. Lost
16 Aunt Blanche What's brewing at the bar is trouble when Mae's Aunt Blanche becomes the new chef. Lost


Opening for the first season

Opening for the second season

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