The Crayon Box (partially found puppet TV series; 1997-1998)

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Some of the puppet cast used in the show.

Status: Partially Found

In 1997, The Crayon Box, a poem by Shane Derolf about diversity, was adapted into three mediums: a best-selling children's book, an animated short film, and a puppet show.

While the first two adaptations are well-known among children of the 1990s and easy to find, the puppet show has been lingering in obscurity since it stopped airing in syndication alongside Bananas in Pajamas and on YTV by itself.[1][2]

The show focused on a group of toy puppets who acted out popular stories. Aside from one episode and copies of a tie-in book being sold on Amazon, the show is currently very hard to find.


The Crayons - a box of multi-colored crayons, who introduce each episode's story then moralize at the end.

Bubby - a brown bear, sensible and level-headed.

Dotty - a young cat with dots, Dotty is clever and excitable but prone to selfishness.

Lump - a purple dog, quite slow-witted but friendly and eager to please.

Jack - a cheeky Jack in the Box.

Piggy Banks - a piggy bank, very pink and sweet.

The Baby - a bonnet-clad baby who is wise beyond her years.

The Sheriff - a Wild-West Sheriff, authoritarian and clumsy, often losing his hat.

Hugo - the Sheriff's horse, an intelligent hobby horse with an English accent who is quick to help the Sheriff whenever he gets in a muddle.

The Cutout Sisters - Paperchain dolls who always sing to communicate.




The one available episode, "Three Little Piggies".


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