The Diane Linkletter Story (found John Waters short film; 1969)

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The diane linkletter story.jpg

Screenshot from the opening credits, courtesy of Dreamland News.

Status: Found

Date found: 05 Sept 2014

Found by: olivermuffinsailor

A 1969 short film directed by legendary trash director John Waters, The Diane Linkletter Story is a dramatized version of the suicide of Diane Linkletter, daughter of television and radio personality Art Linkletter.[1]

The film was completely improvised, made to test sound-synch equipment. It features Divine as Diane, David Lochary as Art, and Mary Vivian Pierce as Mrs. Linkletter. It was shot the day after Diane committed suicide, supposedly under the influence of LSD. It also features audio from an anti-drug spoken word recording starring Diane and Art called "We Love You, Call Collect".[2] Waters has referred to The Diane Linkletter Story as "the worst taste thing I ever did".[3]

This film was never released theatrically, but it did appear on bootlegged home video releases throughout the 1980s and 1990s. It was eventually released on the now-rare VHS A Divine Double Feature, along with a recording of Divine's live performance in the off-Broadway show The Neon Woman.[4] The film has since been uploaded to YouTube as well.


The short in its entirety.