The Duck Who Watched Too Much TV (partially found Jump Rope for Heart short film; 2014-2015)

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Screenshot 20211017-051549 YouTube.jpg

A screenshot of the remaining footage.

Status: Partially Found

Jump Rope for Heart is an annual fundraiser held by The American Heart Association since 1978.[1][2] In each fundraiser students would donate money and would receive a prize in return depending on how much they donated. In 2014-2015 the prizes were small rubber ducks.[3] A short film advertising the ducks titled "The Duck Who Watched Too Much TV" is currently partially found.


In 2014 The American Heart Association held yet another Jump Rope for Heart fundraiser, with the prizes this year being mini rubber ducks, the 2014 fundraiser lasted until 2015. To advertise the fundraiser a promotional video was created. The video showcased various things such as children who survived Heart conditions, the prices of the ducks, and a section of the video called "playtime" where a short story was told that featured the collectible ducks as main characters. Two different versions of this promotional video were created. Both videos were mostly the same but each of the two showed different children and a different playtime short. One short entitled "The Duck Who Laid the Golden Egg" was about a Spy Duck being recruited by a Sock Monkey duck to stop a Red Duck from stealing a golden egg. This short is currently found and can be viewed via a DailyMotion upload. The second short, "The Duck Who Watched Too Much TV" is currently partially lost with only about 2 seconds of footage found. Both promo videos may be created by a company named AMS Pictures, as they have one clip of the second promo on their vimeo account.


The official American Heart Association YouTube channel at one point had an upload of the full promo video in it's entirety, but they have since privated it. One reupload of the video is on YouTube but the only problem is that this upload cut out the "Playtime" segment, this is because it claims to be a condensed version. Only about two seconds of the short can be viewed in this condensed version.




The condensed reupload (missing the short film).

The alternative version.