The Fast and The Furious (lost build of unreleased multi-platform racing game; 2003)

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Fastandthefurious ps2box.jpeg

Cover art for the PlayStation 2 version of the game.

Status: Lost

In 2003, the game developing studio Genki was supposed to release a racing game titled after the movie The Fast and The Furious for the Xbox and PlayStation 2 in November of the same year. Although not much information has surfaced about the game, it is known that the game's concepts would be like the games Tokyo Extreme Racer and Midnight Club 2. It would also be based on the first and second movie.[1]


The player would start the game out as a basic street racer who would then advance throughout the game, earning a reputation on the street and becoming well known. The game is said to have included a variety of licensed cars and various customization options which more would become unlocked as the player progresses throughout the game.[1]

Rather than having a selection of different locations, players were limited to racing within the city of Los Angeles. The gameplay is said to be "arcade style" and consists of "standard city-driving fare with drag, street and closed course races".[2]


It is unknown why the game was cancelled as there was no official reason given for it. Most believe though that the developer was unsatisfied, as the graphics were lackluster compared to Need for Speed Underground, which was released that same year.[2] No playable builds or demos of the game have leaked.


Xenon Xyanide's video on the game.

Trailer for the game.

A short gameplay video.