The Films of Nanny Lynn (found Amiga animated bootleg film; 1997)

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Srebreninca from one of the shorts of The Films of Nanny Lynn.

Status: Found

Date found: 29 May 2020

Found by: Aaron Dillowy

The Films of Nanny Lynn is the name of a mysterious bootleg film animated on Amiga from circa 1997 discovered in 2020 on an unlabeled bootleg VHS tape.


It consists of an anthology film format of three independent short stories, narrated by a woman voice, "Princess Emiluma," "The Story of Srebrenica" and "Bob the Blob."


"The Story Of Srebrenica" the second short of the anthology was posted onto YouTube by user paperrad on May 5th, 2007 and divided into 3 parts (due to old YouTube time limitations) with the following description:

"The Story of Srebrenica" by nanny lynn / excerpt from the films of nanny lynn dvd, transferred by meatwood."

The user might be involved with the Hanson Records distribution as well since the few other videos from his channel involves experimental stuff.

This was 13 years before the full-fledged film got posted by YouTuber Aaron Dillowy of BIZARR'd channel on May 29th, 2020 with the following description.

"These are some very rare children's computer animations made by a woman calling herself Nanny Lynn. My friend rescued this from obscurity when they were brought into a Michigan video duplication place she was working at in roughly 1997. She said the original order was made to duplicate in PAL format. She made some extra copies and would leave them randomly at parties... I bootlegged the hell out of it throughout the late 90s on VHS and early 2000s through my old DVD co. Meatwood Meatia, and got em out through my Hanson Records noise distro. Gave a copy to Sam at 5MinutesToLive who also spread it... Jacob Ciocci at Paper Rad considers it a big influence on his work...he uploaded one of the stories to youtube years ago...but here is the full 62 minutes of eye bleeding confusing children's entertainment for you all to see. If anyone knows the real Nanny Lynn who made these, please put me in touch!" -Aaron Dilloway

Unpublicized Animations on other VHS Tapes

According to the Reddit thread r/UnresolvedMysteries, Nanny Lynn came forward with the following statement:

"Hi Eudoxia Mystery collector, I am the Amiga animator who created the Nanny Lynn Videos you posted. I made them to entertain my 6 grandchildren when they were little, back in the 90's. My email then, as now, is [](, the 'xxx' standing for xxxxxxx Videos. They were inspired by the things that interested my grandchildren: dinosaurs, princesses, all kinds of animals, and anything exotic, vaguely scientific. We were all news junkies in my family, and the war in Bosnia was happening then. There are another couple of hours of those animations on other VHS tapes in possession of the boys in the story of Bob the Blob, Dylan and Jake Cinti. I'm Lynn xxx, age 77, now living in XXXX, XXXX, but those videos were made in Okemos, Michigan, and copies made from floppy discs at Such Video, also of Okemos, Michigan. Appa rently Such Video kept some copies that eventually came into your possession."[1]

The verified evidence of these statements is a copyright claim in relation to some files named "Nanny Lynn goes to China" an important lead brought by YouTuber Barely Sociable.


The Films of Nanny Lynn

Barely Sociable's video on The Films of Nanny Lynn

More Nanny Lynn videos uploaded to YouTube by James Thatcher. Besides uploading other films by Nanny Lynn, James has uploaded a bit higher res version of the original film.

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