The First Family (found Ocean Studios English dub pilot of "First Human Giatrus" anime series; date unknown)

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An English translation of the original title.

Status: Found

Date found: 30 May 2016

Found by: TMS Entertainment

First Human Giatrus (はじめ人間 ギャートルズ) was an anime series about a prehistoric family set in the stone age, based on a manga by Shunji Sonoyama.

The anime lasted from October 5th, 1974, to March 27th, 1976, produced by TMS Entertainment and aired on TBS (Tokyo Broadcasting Service) in Japan.

Ocean Studios (a.k.a. Ocean Productions Inc.) produced a pilot for the show under the name The First Family featuring the voices of Matt Hill, Richard Newman, Teryl Rathery, and Terry Klassen.[1] It is unknown if this was aired, and when it was dubbed.

The TMS Entertainment English website has a listing of anime titles with English titles and logos (i.e., Ganso Tensai Bakabon is called Meet the Boneheads, although besides TMS's Malaysian dub edits there's no evidence for an actual English dub.)

The website ended up also listing The First Family with the pilot embedded.

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