The Furies (lost Pre-Code murder mystery film; 1930)

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The Furies 1930 Poster.jpg

A poster from the film.

Status: Lost

The Furies is a pre-Code talkie film from 1930 directed by Alan Crosland (famous for the first talkie, The Jazz Singer).Despite being lost, summaries and cast information have been provided by private film collectors who own copies.[1]

The film details the life of Fifi Sands (Lois Wilson), who's married to an unfaithful millionaire named Mr. Sands. After Fifi divorces him, she and her new husband become suspects in her ex-husband's murder.

As well as the aforementioned deteriorating copies, two posters, a photograph, and possibly the soundtrack (which was recorded on Vitaphone discs) are known to have survived.


Surviving still from the film.

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