The Gnomes of Dulwich (partially found British sitcom TV series; 1969)

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Gnomes of dulwich.png

One of the few photos taken from the show.

Status: Partially Found

The Gnomes of Dulwich was a British sitcom TV series that originally aired in 1969.[1] Written by Jimmy Perry, the series starred Terry Scott, Hugh Lloyd, John Clive, Leon Thau, Anne de Vigier, and Lynn Dalby as garden gnomes. Was voted the "35th most wanted missing TV programme"[2]


Three stone gnomes come to life when darkness falls, living their own life. They would look at human behavior from their own perspective, discussing what is happening at home, while showing the same snobbish approach to their plastic neighbors.


The show was well received but it was not successful enough to warrant another season.[3] Little is known about this program because all of its 6 episodes have been lost. It is also difficult to just find pictures.

The original tapes were wiped in the 1970s and only audio fragments of the first episode and scripts for all six episodes have been preserved in the present day.


Episode no. First broadcast[4] Status
1 12 May 1969 Partially Found
2 19 May 1969 Lost
3 26 May 1969 Lost
4 2 June 1969 Lost
5 9 June 1969 Lost
6 16 June 1969 Lost



Only surviving fragment of entire series



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