The God and Devil Show (partially found animated web series; 1999-2001)

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Title card.

Status: Partially Found

The God and Devil Show is an American adult animated web series created by Aubrey Ankrum,[1] who would later go on to co-create Happy Tree Friends.[2] The show was produced and developed by Mondo Media, and it aired from 1999 to 2001. Many of the people who worked on this show would later go on to produce Happy Tree Friends. The show has 65 episodes[3] in total. While 48 episodes have been found and 55 titles are known, the other episodes are seemingly lost.


The God & Devil Show parodies many talk shows that feature celebrity interviews. The show features God (voiced by Jay Riddlesberger) as an old man with many flaws and misunderstandings of the modern world and the Devil (voiced by Sally Dana) as a promiscuous woman who enjoys the misfortune of the other characters. All the episodes feature an interview with a celebrity voiced by an impersonator that would parody the celebrity's works or personal life. At the end of every episode, the viewer can choose if they want to send the celebrity to Heaven or Hell by clicking buttons reading "Heaven" or "Hell". Each celebrity's Heaven or Hell would be humorously tailor-made to that specific celebrity.[4]


The episodes of the show were available on Mondo Mini Shows' website from 1999 to 2001 along with other shows produced by Mondo Media. After MondoMedia stopped producing episodes of the God and Devil Show, it was removed from Mondo Mini Shows' website, and it was no longer available to watch. Unlike some of Mondo Media's other series, the full series has not been released on home media.

The episodes wouldn't be uploaded to YouTube until March 3, 2007, when the official MondoMedia YouTube channel uploaded the episode "Britney Spears". They also uploaded 8 more episodes and the YouTube channel lordhelmchen20 uploaded the episode "Marilyn Manson" on May 16, 2009.

As of 2024, the MondoMedia YouTube channel has not uploaded all of the other episodes. However, a French Dailymotion channel named "Brent" has uploaded 31 of the 65 episodes. User "gerrit1951" uploaded various low-quality episodes to Mobile24.


# Title Year Status
1 "Chris Rock" 1999 Found
2 "Christopher Walken" 1999 Found
3 "Chris Farley" 1999 Found
4 "Bill Gates" 1999 Found
5 "Angelina Jolie" 1999 Found
6 "William Shatner" 1999 Found
7 "Britney Spears" 1999 Found
8 "Keith Richards" 1999 Found
9 "Madonna" 1999 Found
10 "Kurt Cobain" 2000 Found
11 "Robert Downey Jr." 2000 Found
12 "Steve Irwin" 2000 Lost
13 "John Travolta" 2000 Found
14 "Eminem" 2000 Found
15 "Abraham Lincoln" 2000 Found
16 "Woody Allen" 2000 Found
17 "Stephen Hawking" 2000 Found
18 "Bruce Willis" 2000 Found
19 "George Lucas" 2000 Found
20 "Ron Jeremy" 2000 Found
21 "Pamela Anderson" 2000 Found
22 "Walt Disney" 2000 Found
23 "Tom Green" 2000 Found
24 "Tom Hanks" 2000 Found
25 "Sean Connery" 2000 Found
26 "George W. Bush" 2000 Found
27 "Princess Diana" 2000 Lost
28 "Charlton Heston" 2000 Found
29 "Arnold Schwarzenegger" 2000 Found
30 "Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton" 2000 Found
31 "Dr. Seuss" 2000 Found
32 "Martha Stewart" 2000 Lost
33 "Calista Flockhart" 2000 Found
34 "Spike Lee" 2000 Found
35 "John Wayne" 2000 Found
36 "Jesse Ventura" 2000 Found
37 "Mahatma Gandhi" 2000 Found
38 "Marilyn Manson" 2000 Found
39 "The Osmonds" 2000 Lost
40 "Stephanie Seymour" 2000 Found
41 "Mark Wahlberg" 2001 Found
42 "Sarah Jessica Parker" 2001 Found
43 "Jennifer Lopez" 2001 Found
44 "Regis Phillbin" 2001 Found
45 "Carson Daly" 2001 Partially Found (audio snippet only)[5]
46 "Charles Darwin" 2001 Found
47 "Martha Stewart" 2001 Lost
48 "Kathie Lee Gifford" 2001 Found
49 "Oprah Winfrey" 2001 Found
50 "Dr. Laura" 2001 Found
51 "Jane Goodall" 2001 Found
52 "The Williams Sisters" 2001 Found
53 "Barbara Streisand" 2001 Found
54 "Sigmund Freud" 2001 Found
55 "Siegfried & Roy" 2001 Lost



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