The Golem (partially found German horror film; 1915)

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Surviving still from the film.

Status: Partially Found

The Golem is a German silent horror film released in 1915 that was written, directed by, and starring Paul Wegener and Henrik Galeen. It told the story of a petrified, human-sized monster made out of clay in Prague who protected the Jewish people from their persecutors. It is brought back to life and used as a servant, but after falling in unrequited love with a woman, it goes on a murderous rampage.


The film was reported to be lost soon after its release. By 2007, some footage from the first act and a couple of minutes from the fourth act were recovered.

Additionally, several sources claim that prints do still exist, and Elizabeth Baer states in her book, The Golem Redux: From Prague to Post-Holocaust Fiction, that Donald Glut knows a "European film collector" who owns a copy. He did not source his claim, however, says Baer.


The found footage edited together (mirror of the now-deleted original upload).

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