The Gransazers/Justirisers (partially found English dubs of Japanese tokusatsu franchise; 2003-2006)

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Poster for Gransazers.

Status: Found

The Chouseishin or Star God Series is a long-running franchise of live action tokusatsu television programs and films produced by Toho Company, Ltd., in association with Konami. The franchise was created a way to both emulate and rival the ongoing success of Toei's Super Sentai and Kamen Rider franchises. This franchise mainly consists of groups of people who have been access to transforming battle suits that were by ancient human civilizations, and use these battle suits to battle whatever demonic/alien forces that plague the land.

The first series in the Chouseishin Series, Chouseishin Gransazer or Ultra Star Gods and the Gransazers, aired on the TV Tokyo channel from October 4th, 2003 to September 25th, 2004 and has a total of 51 episodes. The premise for the series draws notable similarities to both the Super Sentai Series and the manga/anime franchise Seint Seiya: there are distinctly 12 heroes that are divided into four different tribes, and each tribe is given a giant, transforming mecha. The series wouldn't make its mark only in Japan, however, as both Chouseishin Gransazers and the second series, Genseishin Justirisers, would receive Asian-English dubs to air in countries like the Philippines and Singapore on channels like Cartoon Network[1] and Kids Central.

Other than Gransazers' dub receiving VCDs in the Philipines, there is no current source of information whether these dubs were distributed onto DVD/Blu-Ray or not, but the only evidence proving their existence are several random video/audio clips that have circulated around a multitude of websites. he most common countries brought up in producing these dubs have been the Philippines, Hong Kong, and Singapore; so if you live in either of these countries and know of these dubs existence, any help possible will be greatly appreciated.

Update:All 51 episodes of Justirisers in English Dub have been found.An Indian youtuber named Anime Network on his blogspot uploaded all the episodes in english.These episodes are from the CN India release.Link to the download:


Justirisers Ep.1 (dubbed)

Justirisers Ep.2 (dubbed)

Justirisers Ep.3 (dubbed)

Justirisers Ep.4 (dubbed)

Justirisers Ep.5 (dubbed)

Justirisers Ep.6 (dubbed)

Justirisers Ep.7 (dubbed)

Justirisers Ep.8 (dubbed)

Justirisers Ep.9 (dubbed)

Justirisers Ep.10 (dubbed)

Justirisers Ep.11 (dubbed)

Justirisers Ep.12 (dubbed)

Justirisers Ep.13 (dubbed)

Justirisers Ep.14 (dubbed)

Justirisers Ep.15 (dubbed)

Justirisers Ep.17 (dubbed)

Justirisers Ep.18 (dubbed)

Justirisers Ep.19 (dubbed)

Justirisers Ep.20 (dubbed)

Justirisers Ep.21 (dubbed)

Justirisers Ep.22 (dubbed)

Gransazers Live Show - Kids Central Promo

Men In Tights(Gransazers/Masked Rider/Power Rangers) - Kids Central Promo

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