The Gulf Between (lost early color silent film; 1917)

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A surviving frame of the film.

Status: Lost

The Gulf Between was the very first motion picture to be shot in Technicolor. The system used to produce this film is called Process 1, which uses an additive two-color system, in which a prism beam-splitter behind the camera lens exposed two consecutive frames of a single strip of black-and-white negative film simultaneously, one behind a red filter, the other behind a green filter. Because two frames were being exposed at the same time, the film had to be photographed and projected at twice the normal speed. Exhibition required a special projector with two apertures (one with a red filter and the other with a green filter), two lenses, and an adjustable prism that aligned the two images on the screen. Eventually, because of the difficult process of projecting, and after a wide screening, a decision was made to use a different system (Process 2).[1][2]

To this day, only some very short fragments of the film exist at the George Eastman House. Even then, the fragments are not accessible online.[3]



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