The House is Alive (lost unreleased Velvet Revolver song from film soundtrack; 2006)

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The band's logo.

Status: Lost

The House is Alive is a song by the American hard rock supergroup Velvet Revolver. The band recorded the song for the 2006 film Monster House, but it was nowhere to be found in the film or its soundtrack, and it has also never been released on any of their albums or leaked online.[1]

The song was recorded in May 2006, and according to Dave Kushner, the band's rhythm guitarist may have served as the theme song to Monster House,[2] but it did not appear in the final cut of the film, possibly due to Velvet Revolver getting into a dispute with their record label at the time, RCA Records. However, they may have also simply decided not to release it or have it in the film at the last minute.

Very little additional info is available about the song other than that Dave Sardy produced and mixed it, and that, based on a listener's reaction, wouldn't have sounded too drastically different to what the band's songs sounded like at the time.