The Jackie Thomas Show (partially lost ABC sitcom; 1992-1993)

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A promotional image for the series.

Status: Partially Lost

The Jackie Thomas Show was a sitcom that aired on ABC from December 1st, 1992, until March 30th, 1993. The show revolved around Jackie Thomas (Tom Arnold), a former stand-up comic/slaughterhouse worker turned television star and the drama behind the scenes of his own television show, The Jackie Thomas Show (a show within the show). Despite having a notable cast, which included Roseanne Barr, Martin Mull, and Tom Arnold and having a crossover episode with the hit TV show Roseanne, the series suffered from low ratings and was cancelled after its first season.


The Jackie Thomas Show follows a former stand-up comic turned television star Jackie Thomas (Tom Arnold) as he deals with the drama on his failing tv show who is known for constantly firing production staff. Throughout the series, the office staff must put up with Jackie's antics.[1]


While The Jackie Thomas Show aired right after Roseanne, many viewers could not relate to the issues in The Jackie Thomas Show as opposed to the issues in Roseanne. [2] At the time, there was a lot of hatred towards Tom Arnold and Roseanne Barr, and many feel the show was review bombed with negative reviews in order to take it off the air. Despite numerous threats by Roseanne Barr to pull her own show Roseanne from ABC, by May of 1993, The Jackie Thomas Show was not renewed for a second season.[3]


Although the cult following the show has since garnered, only a few clips of The Jackie Thomas Show have emerged. No reruns of the show ever aired after its cancellation. On May 22, 2021, converted VHS recordings of 17 of the 18 episodes were uploaded to YouTube. However, episode 16 remains lost as of the writing of this article.


  • Tom Arnold as Jackie Thomas
  • Alison LaPlaca as Laura Miller
  • Dennis Boutsikaris as Jerry Harper
  • Michael Boatman as Grant Watson
  • Paul Feig as Bobby Wynn
  • Maryedith Burrell as Nancy
  • Martin Mull as Doug Talbot


Episode List

# Episode Title Synopsis Status
1 Pilot The new head writer's first job is to find out why Jackie refuses to leave his dressing room. Found
2 Charity, Schmarity After being let off of Oprah's guest list for a fundraiser, Jackie starts his own charity. Found
3 Jack and The Bean Stalker Jackie is honoured to have a stalker as she starts pitching him episode ideas. Found
4 Ottumwa, 52501 Jackie's younger brother visits the set. Found
5 The Joke Jackie insults the writers on a rival tv show, so they retaliate. Found
6 Jackie & The Model Jackie gives a guest spot to a swimsuit model only to find out she is not into him. Found
7 Stand Up for Bastards Jackie insists on using the word "bastard" in this week's episode prompting a visit from the censors. Found
8 The All-Nighter Jackie rejects this week's script forcing the writers to write a new script by the morning. Found
9 Jackie's Family ackie's outrageous salary demands force the network to write Jackie out of the show. Found
10 The Forces of Nature Jackie wins a settlement with the Global Enquirer but is disappointed when they stop writing stories about him. Found
11 The Player Grant sells a screen play, but Jackie meddles in the process. Found
12 Guys and Balls Laura's boyfriend Dave decides he wants to become a pro bowler. Found
13 Strike The writters go on strike. Found
14 Write This Way An actor dies on set. Found
15 Sophie's choice Sophie is fired after a magazine publishes naked photos of her. Found
16 One Flew over the Cuckoo's nest Jackie tries to get Arnold the pig on the Hollywood walk of fame. Lost
17 Poker, Schmoker Jackie tries to win back his car that he lost when he was a standup comedian. Found
18 Aloha, Io-wahu The crew follows Jackie to Iowa to tape a special about his childhood. Found



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