The Joey Bishop Show (partially found talk show; 1967-1969)

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Title card for the show.

Status: Partially Found

The Joey Bishop Show (not to be confused with the sitcom of the same name) was an American talk show that had its first broadcast on ABC on April 17, 1967. It was hosted by Joey Bishop and featured Regis Philbin in his first ongoing role with national television exposure, as Bishop's sidekick/announcer (similar to Ed McMahon's job with Johnny Carson).

Bishop was part of the legendary 1960s entertainment phenomenon "the Rat Pack", and other members Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Jr. and Peter Lawford occasionally appeared on his show, sometimes as unbilled surprises, though Frank Sinatra never did.

Famously, sidekick/announcer Regis Philbin walked off the program as a result of the continuous drubbing he had been receiving from critics, stating that the network never wanted him and he feared that he was injuring the series,[1] but he soon returned. This proved to be one of the few installments of the series to top The Tonight Show in the ratings. In 2011, Philbin revealed that Bishop had conceived the walk-off as a stunt.[2]

The Joey Bishop Show was created to challenge The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. Unable to attract high ratings, it was cancelled after two seasons.

The show ended on December 26th, 1969, with Bishop leaving after his monologue, declaring that this was the last show. Philbin was left to finish the final episode. The time slot was filled by The Dick Cavett Show.

Most of The Joey Bishop Show is currently lost. A few clips have surfaced on YouTube, however.

A company called Retro Video Inc. appears to have a substantial amount of footage, perhaps even the entire series, but it is unavailable to the general public.[3] It may only be licensed by those in the entertainment industry.

Found Clips

Joey and Regis opener on the show.

Evel Knievel on The Joey Bishop Show.


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