The Love Bug (lost deleted scenes of comedy film; 1968)

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Theatrical release poster

Status: Lost

The Love Bug is a 1968 film produced by Walt Disney Productions. The film follows Jim Douglas (Dean Jones), a struggling racing driver, after he and his mechanic Tennessee Steinmetz (Buddy Hackett) buy a 1963 Volkswagen Beetle named Herbie from Peter Thorndyke (David Thomlinson), a villainous driver and Jim's Rival.

Used Car Lot Scene

A scene shot, but deleted from the final cut, involved Jim going to a used car dealership prior to visiting Thorndyke's dealership.

All that is known to survive is a still image of Jim and the car dealer (played by an unknown actor) and the script. It is believed that the footage no longer exists.

On the film's DVD release, this is included as a special feature by showing the image and the script.

Playground Scene

Another scene was scripted and storyboard, but not filmed. The scene showed Herbie playing in a playground and Tennessee having to get him to drive Jim and Carole Bennett's (Michelle Lee) honeymoon.

This is also included in the DVD, showing the script and storyboard.

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